Digital Display Dim, Dark or Dead?

Has your digital display gone out, started to flicker or is it impossible to see during the day?  Well, after speaking with many GM drivers over the phone we determined it’s a growing problem and we set out to get to the bottom of the issue.  We’re now offering digital display repair service in addition to our standard gauge repair work. If you have a 99-06 GM with a dim, dark, flickering or intermittent odometer display or PRNDL display you are eligible for this service.

This is commonly seen in Silverado and Sierra PRNDL and odometer displays but is also possible in all other GM clusters from 99-06.  This issue is most usually characterized by a dim, dark, flickering, intermittent or faded appearance to the electronic display.  If you are experiencing any of these issues and want to get them resolved please contact us at the number below.  This service will be included into our regular rebuild cost and will not be an extra charge.

Contact us if you have any questions at 1-800-405-1056