Common Questions

Will my odometer be reset to zero?

No it will not reset to zero, your mileage will still display correctly after repair.


Will my instrument cluster have to be reprogrammed after I get it back?

No, when you get it back it’s ready to plug back in and go!


How long will it take to get it back?

Depends on shipping time but typically a week on average, this varies by location. Tracking numbers are provided for your shipment. Shipping upgrades are available during checkout.


How much do you charge?

The 03-06 GM Full Rebuild service and the 05-08 Mustang Rebuild Service is $189.  1999-02 and 07+ GM digital odometer repair is $149.


I’d like a white gauge face, do you have gauge face upgrades?

Yes, I have gauge face upgrades in stock for many models please see this page for details – Upgrades!


Is my cluster hard to get out?

GM clusters are typically pretty easy to get out for a handy person, it takes about 10 minutes to take one out of a truck or SUV. Be sure to grab a copy of the removal guide here —> Free Removal Guide.


I have some light bulbs out, how much to replace those too?

No charge, we gladly replace all illumination bulbs on 03-06 GM vehicles as part of our normal Full Rebuild process.


Will you be fixing my exact same instrument cluster or sending me another one?

We’ll rebuild your exact instrument cluster and send you back the same one ASAP!


Do you sell parts so I can do my own repair?

Yes we do sell parts, please visit our parts page by clicking here: Buy Parts


How does the shipping work?

We make the shipping super simple (and free!) just visit our Shipping Instructions page for full details: Shipping Instructions


Can I drive my vehicle while the instrument cluster is out for repair?

Yes, you can still start and run your vehicle without the instrument cluster.


Is it cheaper to just buy a used one?

Excellent question! Here’s the thing with GM speedometers, buying a used one is like rolling the dice and hoping for the best. After all, there’s a reason your gauge went out, most people don’t know this but the original stepper motors GM used were defective and eventually they all go out. That’s also why we replace all the motors of every instrument cluster we receive, not just the one that went out. If you replace your cluster with another used one there’s No Guarantee it won’t die on you just like yours did a few weeks after you put it in, probably right after the Junk Yard warranty runs out.
Even if you can find a used one for less than my cost I can assure you it won’t come with my Amazing Lifetime Guarantee and you’ll have a tough time finding one with the same mileage on the odometer as your vehicle has, do you really want to take it to the dealer to have the mileage re-calibrated?


All my gauges quit at the same time, can you still help?

Often I get calls from folks who’ve got instrument clusters that have completely died- all gauges have quit at the same time. Normally we can repair those problems too, the cost is the same and you still get my Lifetime Guarantee.