What we do:

We repair, rebuild and upgrade your instrument cluster - for Chevy and GM vehicles made from 1999 and up.

Who we can help:

Owners of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles with any of the following symptoms:

-Instrument Cluster has Dead or Sticky Gauges...

-Oil gauge giving wrong readings...

-Speedometer Gauge is pegging out...

-Temp gauge that works intermittently...

-Speedometer Gauge is not working at all...

-Tachometer has gone haywire...

-Speedometer reads about half or even double your actual speed...

-Digital odometer display is dim, dark, intermittent or flickers off and on...

-Digital PRNDL display is dim, dark, intermittent or flickers off and on...

-All gauges suddenly quit all at once... See important note about this issue here.

-Gauges all die then come back on, sometimes due to cold temperatures...

-Driver Information Center won't come on, dim or dark

-Any other gauge sticking, dead or just acting weird

-Odometer displays ERROR (Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade, Tahoe models)

-Gauge cluster causing a battery drain

-Language menu scrolls through the options by itself

-Circuit board damaged from improper repair work

-Odometer miles need reprogrammed

How our repair service works:

We'll be rebuilding your original instrument cluster so you'll need to remove it from your vehicle, package it up and mail it in to our repair center. But don't worry, we make the whole process easier and faster than you might imagine possible! We provide you a free printable pre-paid shipping label to mail your instrument cluster in with. We also pay for return shipping and you get a Lifetime Parts Guarantee. The whole process takes just about a week and your vehicle will still run and drive while the cluster is out for repair. We've repaired over 5,000 GM gauge clusters for customers all over the U.S and Canada so you can feel confident knowing your repair is in good hands!

What to do next:

First download the free Instrument Cluster Removal guide by clicking here: Download Removal Guide

Then place your order for repair by clicking this link: Place Order

After placing your order you'll receive a free printable shipping label on the next page. Use that label to mail your instrument cluster to our repair center.

Within about 1 week you'll receive your repaired instrument cluster back with Lifetime Warranty!

Common Questions:

Will my odometer be reset to zero?

No it will not reset to zero, your mileage will still display correctly after repair.

Will my instrument cluster have to be reprogrammed after I get it back?

No, when you get it back it's ready to plug back in and go!

How long will it take to get it back?

Depends on shipping time but typically a week on average, this varies by location. Tracking numbers are provided for your shipment. Shipping upgrades are available during checkout.

How much do you charge?

The 03-06 GM Full Rebuild service is $189, 05-08 Mustangs are $189, 99-02 GM digital odometer repair is $149.

I'd like a white gauge face, do you have gauge face upgrades?

Yes, I have gauge face upgrades in stock for many models please see this page for details - Upgrades!

Is my cluster hard to get out?

GM clusters are typically pretty easy to get out for a handy person, it takes about 10 minutes to take one out of a truck or SUV. Be sure to grab a copy of the removal guide here ---> Free Removal Guide.

I have some light bulbs out, how much to replace those too?

No charge, we gladly replace all illumination bulbs on 03-06 GM vehicles as part of our normal Full Rebuild process.

Will you be fixing my exact same instrument cluster or sending me another one?

We'll rebuild your exact instrument cluster and send you back the same one ASAP!

Do you sell parts so I can do my own repair?

Yes we do sell parts, please visit our parts page by clicking here: Buy Parts

How does the shipping work?

We make the shipping super simple (and free!) just visit our Shipping Instructions page for full details: Shipping Instructions

Testimonials from a few of our recent customers

Fred, Thanks for repairing my 2005 Chevy Cavalier cluster! My transaction ID is 7JD779593B7636306 and you dealt with my boyfriend John Bradley, but it was my car. I would use you and your company again if I ever needed to repair a Chevy cluster again! I will be happy to refer you and your work as well!! I was very happy with the entire transaction with you from the moment I called you to seeing my gauges working! You made my day and instilled faith in me that it is possible to find people and businesses out there that CAN do the work RIGHT and not at a high price! In fact I used you and your business as an example for my College Marketing class and wanted to share it with you below. Thanks again for your excellent and honest work! You and your work is a blessing!!!! Thanks!

Denise S. from Hemet, Ca (And John Bradley)

Fred, Thanks for fixing my speedometer at such an affordable price! You really know what you're doing. I thought I would never see that meter turning again. Thanks for your help!

Matt Harris
04 Trailblazer

Dear Fred:
Got the Tahoe cluster back and it works great!
I have a small dealership, so will probably be needing your services again. I'll recommend you.

John Hightower
Road Runner Auto Sales
Tuscaloosa, AL
03 Tahoe

Hello Fred,I received the cluster for my 2004 Chevy and it works great. Very good job! you are the man with the plan.Thanks for everything.

Joe Keziah
Monroe, NC
2004 Silverado

I just wanted to thank you. Your service worked perfectly for me. Taking that instrument cluster out and reinstalling it was one of the easiest things I've done in 40 years of working on my own cars. You kept me informed about where it was in the shipping and turned it around quick once you got it. I drove it during the week it was out and just used my GPS for speed. I got it back in and it works perfectly.

Thank you again! I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing similar work.!
Vic Wurtzler,
Aviston, IL

Thanks for fixing my 2004 Tahoe cluster and the quick turnaround.
Installed the cluster and it is working just fine. Thanks again!

Jack De Boer San Jose, CA 2004 Tahoe

Fred I got my gauges yesterday and installed them thanks for the quick service, so far all is well looks like you did a great job thanks again

Kenneth McCloud
Hurricane, WV
2004 Silverado

Just received the instrument cluster for my Yukon, installed in 5 minutes. It works great! Great idea, excellent service! I will recommend you every chance I get.

Ed Watts
St.Amant, LA

Just wanted to let you know that I received the instrument panel and everything is working great. Your web-site made the process very easy and saved me approx. $300.00 from what the dealership wanted to charge.

Thank you again for all your help!
Dave Chorlton
Dover, DE
04 Yukon Denali