Intermittent power failure on 03-04 GM truck/full size SUVs

If you have an 03 or 04 Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali, Escalade or Suburban and are experiencing intermittent power failure of your whole cluster (but turn signals and check engine light still work) please be aware that this issue IS NOT covered under our warranty.

We have seen this problem many times and we will attempt to repair the components and defects that we have found to often cause this issue along with the standard replacement of all your stepper motors and lights and repair to any dim displays.

All clusters are tested and work 100% when they leave our shop.

If your cluster arrives after repair and later intermittently goes out again this is not covered under our warranty and the cluster is to be considered non-repairable.  We won’t attempt any further repair to correct that problem.

If this intermittent power failure issue is your #1 problem and reason for sending your gauge cluster in for repair please be aware that this problem is very difficult to test for due to it’s intermittent nature and is non-repairable in a small percentage of cases and is therefore not covered under our warranty.