Intermittent power failure on 03-04 GM truck/full size SUVs

If you have an 03 or 04 Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali, Escalade or Suburban and are experiencing intermittent power failure of your whole cluster (but turn signals and check engine light still work) please be aware that this issue may require replacement of your instrument cluster. There is an additional parts charge of $100 in this situation for gas/6 gauge clusters. Diesel and 7 gauge clusters are an additional $200 for replacement. First we will try to repair your cluster as part of our normal repair service, if it can’t be repaired in shop we’ll contact you by email to discuss replacement options. No additional charges will be applied to your order unless first approved by you.

Here’s a recent email from John H. who was experiencing an intermittent power problem:

“I turn key on and the entire gauge cluster is dead including the shift lights. Turn signals work radio works headlights work. I start driving and one to five minutes later all the gauges will start to work correctly. Very intermittent. Sometimes gauges will work correctly for several days or weeks and then the problem comes up again. Sometimes if I turn the key off and then back on the gauges will come to life right away. Do you feel that this is a problem of the instrument cluster or something else? Thank you”

And my reply:

“Hi John,

Yes that’s definitely a cluster issue and we see that a lot. Normally we can repair that for you as part of our normal rebuild service. Occasionally the intermittent 03-04’s will have a worse problem that’s not repairable and the cluster has to be replaced which currently runs $289 for the gas 6 gauge clusters and $389 for the 7 gauge clusters. But normally we have good success repairing them.”