Shipping Instructions

Shipping your instrument cluster in for repair is an easy and quick process!

First grab a cardboard box approximately 20″ x 10″ x 6″ and some padding material such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or tightly wadded paper.

Cardboard box for mailing


Wrap your instrument cluster in the padding material and use the filler to pack in around the part making sure it can’t move around in the box.  Makes sure there’s at least 1-2″ of padding around all sides of the part.

Boxed up with packing peanuts


Avoid boxes that are larger than necessary and packing material that is unnecessarily heavy.  Your shipping label is good for up to 4lbs.  If your package ends up more than 4lbs you may have to pay an additional amount at the Post Office or when the package arrives at our repair facility.

Tape your package closed with good quality packing tape.

Now simply print your free shipping label right from your computer and tape that label to your package for shipment. (You’ll receive your printable shipping label immediately after placing your order for repair.)


shipping label

Free printable shipping label

Taped up with label applied, ready for drop off


Finally just drop your package off at your local Post Office or give to your local USPS mail delivery person.

We’ll receive your package in a few days and email you a tracking number for the return shipment back to you.

That’s it!


Prefer To Use Your Own Shipper?

If you prefer to use your own method of shipping no problem!  We accept USPS, UPS and Fedex.   Just ship your package to our repair facility at this address:

102 E. Market Street
P.O Box 111
Diamond, Missouri 64840