Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind our work and we stand behind the parts we use to repair your instrument cluster.  Because of that we can offer our Amazing Lifetime Rebuild Guarantee which protects you from future failure in workmanship or replaced parts reliability, and you get it absolutely FREE. Guarantee covers replaced parts and labor, shipping is not included.

That’s right, this isn’t some extended warranty up sell like some others you may have seen, this is our standard everyday common man guarantee and we like to think it helps us stand apart from our competition. If you think so too give us a call or shoot me an email right now or call me toll free at 1-800-405-1056 and I’ll give you a “No B.S.” answer about whether I can fix your speedo or not, chances are I can.

For 03-04 truck and SUVs this guarantee specifically does not cover total power failure problems, please see this page for details:  03-04 Truck/SUV Power Failure


Along with every instrument cluster I ship out I send a copy of my “No B.S. Lifetime Rebuild Guarantee” printed on high quality card stock so you can keep it for your records.

Go here get your FREE shipping label and place your order now.