Buick Rendezvous Instrument Cluster Repair


The Buick Rendezvous was designed to be the perfect answer to family travel – optional third-row seating for the kids and their friends, all wheel drive for those wintry treks to the cabin…or grocery store – all dressed up to look less like a minivan and more like an SUV, a good-sized vehicle that wouldn’t embarrass the kids when you drop them off at school or you when you head out for night on the town with friends.

But when your instrument panel started to fail, all that went out the window.  After all, there’s nothing slick about getting pulled over because you can’t tell how fast you’re going or running out of gas because your fuel gauge has stopped working.  All wheel drive doesn’t seem so great when you’re worried about overheating because your oil and water temp indicators are on the fritz.


Well, here’s some good news. Dr. Speedometer can help you recapture your cool.

We offer instrument cluster repair for all 2003-2006 Buick Rendezvous, and for a lot less than you would pay at the dealership. Have a 2002 or 2007? Give us a call at 1-800-405-1056 or shoot us an email.  With more than 2,000 parts vendors in our network, there’s a good chance we can help you, too.

If you know what you need, you can go right to our order page to get your Buick Rendezvous speedometer, tachometer, or fuel gauge, or oil temp, water temp, or battery voltage gauge (or any combination thereof) back in working order fast.

“We got the package Monday and got it back in the Buick Monday afternoon.  It seems to be working just fine.  Want to thank you for your service and to let you know we will certainly forward your information to others that might need your services.  You saved us a good chunk of money and we thank you.”

Morris Mathews
Buick Rendezvous
Gering, NE