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I would love to speak with you about your gauge problems, please call me directly on my toll free line at 1-800-405-1056 or email me by clicking the email address below!





P.O. Box 111
Diamond, MO 64840
1-800-405-1056 (M-F 9-12 Central)

Dr. Speedometer is open Monday – Friday 9-5 CST
Local pickup by appointment only, please call or email.


Some emails sent in by a few recent customers:

“Fred, my cluster was delieverd to me last night i could not wait to install it so i did it by flashlight.want to thank you for such good service.After 4 yrs of using a gps for a speedometer it was nice to drive my truck and have working guages and the blue neon lighting is really cool and looks good.So just wanted to thank you and let you know I will keep your card in my truck and give your # to other people I find with this problem!”



“DR Speedometer I received my cluster yesterday and installed it, it works as promised!  thanks for the quick turnaround!! Great job. “

PS thanks for the bottle caps…..AJ
05 Silverado
Riverside, WA


Thank you for the new cluster for my 2004. Quick 5 minute replacement, and back running perfectly.  What a GREAT service! The return core is on its way to you. Top of the list of referrals to all my friends, thanks again!”


Jeff Bauman
Killen, AL
2004 Silverado 1500


“Hi Fred
My cluster arrived this morning, it was a doddle to fit using your supplied instructions.It was great to see the dashboard light up in all its glory, as soon as I turned the ignition on. I would Highly recommend your service to anyone. You have been a great help to me, because I could not find anyone else that was prepared to supply theCluster AND ship to England at a reasonable cost.There are no chevvy dealers over here, not for American models anyway.Many thanks for a great, speedy and efficient service.”


Peter Normington
Luton England
2003 Silverado 2500


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